A Stunning House on the Costa Brava


A glass box skylight-cum-outdoor pool is the central anchor of an amazing home.


The house by MANO Arquitectura set on a completely flat piece of land overlooking the rugged Spanish coastline from high atop a hill.


A pool enters the house at its center.


Aigua blava is a small beach on the Costa Brava in Catalonia , embraced by low mountains where houses overlook the sea between green pine forests.


The fragility of floor to ceiling glazing throughout the front of the house is contrasted with a thick rammed-earth roof.


Like a huge slice of earth, this roof continues to create a generous porch at each end of the glass house.


The main entry is behind the pool inlet, creating maximum impact upon arrival.


Originally, the clients had bought a very unsatisfactory new house on the site because of the view and disappointed the architect by asking him to simply put in windows so they could see it.


Fortunately, he was able to persuade them to start afresh.


Starting from scratch, he has created something much more worthy of the stunning site.

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A Stunning House on the Costa Brava


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